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Pine Grove Township Directory


Pine Grove Township 306 East Street P.O. Box 125 Russell, PA 16345 Ph: 814-757-8112, Fx: 814-757-8434 pinegrovetwp@verizon.net


Board and Departments:

Board of Supervisors
Road Foreman
Tax Collector
Sewage Enforcement Officer
Emergency Management Coordinator
Building Code
Earned Income Tax
Fire Department

Board of Supervisors
The Township is governed by a three member Board of Supervisors. Each member selected for a six year term, one expiring every two years on December 31. Their responsibilities include adopting budgets, adopting Ordinances and Resolutions to make rules and regulations, levying taxes, etc.

The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Town Hall, 306 East Street, Russell PA.

Douglas Smith, Supervisor 814-706-7761
Carmen Ferranto, Vice Chairman 814-757-4775
Charles Morrison, Chairman 814-757-4307



Julie Parmenter

Road Foreman

Kenneth Porter

Real Estate Tax Collector

Doris Trumbull
707 Old State Road
Russell, PA 16345

Real Estate Tax: 4 mills
Fire Tax: 2.5 mills

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Todd Fantaskey
1137 Follett Run Rd.
Warren, PA 16365

Emergency Mangement Coordinator

Richard Barrett


Timothy Bevevino
Swanson, Bevevino and Gilford, P.C.
311 Market Street
Warren, PA  16365

Building Code Inspection

The City of Warren has been appointed by the Board of Supervisors for their building code inspection services. Building permits are required for most projects, including such things as new homes, additions, sunrooms, swimming pools, decks, and accessory building larger than 150 square feet. Non-structural minor repairs such as painting, carpeting, door and window replacement, and roofing do not require a building permit. It is recommended that the Building Code Department be consulted to confirm whether a permit is required for any planned projects.

Building Codes Department at the City of Warren
318 West Third Avenue, Warren PA 16365

*For additional information or to view/obtain a Building Permit Application, please visit the City of Warren Website: cityofwarren.gov


The ordinance addresses all use of property, whether commercial or residential, including but not limited to: buildings, fences, sheds, garages, signs, swimming pools, and in-home professional offices. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance may be reviewed at the Township Office.

Zoning Officer: Michael F. Lyon

*For additional information and to view/obtain a Zoning Permit Application, please visit the Warren County Zoning website: warrencountypa.net

Earned Income Tax

Pine Grove Township residents are required to pay a 1% earned income tax, which is assessed on all wages, salaries, commissions and profits. Any resident who is self-employed or whose employer does not withhold the 1% earned income tax must file quarterly an estimated declaration and make payments. Everyone must file a yearly return by April 15 of the following year.

*For additional information, please contact Berkheimer Tax Administrators at 610-588-0965.

Russell Volunteer Fire Department

Pine Grove Township’s fire protection is provided by the Russell Volunteer Fire Department.

Visit russellvfd.com for more information.
Russell Volunteer Fire Department
66 Perrigo Lane
Russell, PA 16345