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Sewer Customer Accounts

You should have received your 2017/2018 Sewer Coupon books by now. If you did not receive a book, please contact Julie at 814-757-8112.

The Phase 1 monthly sewer obligation is currently $44.00 and the Phase II monthly sewer obligation is currently $51.00. To avoid a late fee being assessed to your account please make sure that you are making the correct payments monthly. Any account with a balance on the 21st day of each month will receive a 10% penalty fee.

NOTICE TO SEWER CUSTOMERS: Prior maintenance issues with the system.

The township has had some issues with the system in previous years due to the fact that items have had to be removed because they were clogging the pumps. The items have been flushable wipes, diapers and/or feminine hygiene products. Although these products state they are flushable/biodegradable and seem to flush with no problems on your end, they do cause problems with the municipal sewer system.

We kindly ask that you do not flush any items in your household that may cause issues as stated above. Please be advised that an increase in maintenance costs may result in an increase in the customer monthly sewer charge.